All Around Prospects – Preparing Kids to be Recruited


Bob “Kingpin” Eres interviewed Carlos Diaz of “All Around Prospects” of Puerto Rico today. Carlos is the Chief Marketing Officer for “All Around Prospects” and works to make kids’ college and sports dreams a reality. To be more exact; the company markets high school athletes to junior colleges and universities in the continental U.S.

Carlos and his staff evaluate each athlete’s skills and academic record. He then explains to the student & their parents what he thinks will be their best target schools. Once that’s done; he starts the marketing process. Using his extensive and up to date knowledge of what the respective schools are looking for, he presents suitable candidates.

“All Around Prospects” has had much success in the short period of time that they’ve been around! Watch today’s show and learn more about this successful enterprise that charges a very modest fee in relation to what they can help your athlete achieve.

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