Ankle Foot Strength: Not Just for Athletes

Everyone knows that athletes need to condition their various body parts, but many of us don’t think about how our lack of flexibility can causes injuries. Most of these injuries can be tied into the muscle imbalance we have between our foot & ankle.

This morning, Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke to Matt Ferguson, founder & CEO of AFX, Ankle Foot MaXimizer about his company’s innovative product that’s been designed to strengthen the foot & ankle. The point of this exercise equipment is to use high quality materials to deliver a work out to both the foot & ankle from a seated position. It is intended for use by both professional athletes, physical therapists and even the average couch potato. Unlike traditional bands used in therapy, the product is made of higher quality materials used by therapists and is better at producing a full range of motion workout.

Professional athletes have found that they’ve improved their balance, agility and jumping after working with the equipment. So, whether you have suffered a sprained ankle or want to avoid one, check out this video on the all inclusive equipment that can improve your flexibility & prevent or treat Achilles’ tendon, shin splints & sprains.

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