Bocce for Everyone – Bocce in a bag


Bocce is a 5,000 year old game that can be played by a person of any age or physical disability. Unfortunately, with only 200 Bocce facilities nationwide, it hasn’t been available to everyone until now.

Bocce availability has changed dramatically & today Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke to the founder of BocceNation.com, John Lehmann. John’s company is producing “bocce in a bag” as well as in the process of forming a nationwide Bocce league.

BocceNation’s game can be played nearly anywhere there is a flat surface of 36 by 7 feet. Besides being a lot of fun for families, friends & corporate events, the cost is affordable for this all in one kit.

Watch the show & you’ll get details on the game kit, as well as info on a free downloadable bocce game you can play on your iphone, like 1.3 million people worldwide already have.

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