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Bob “Kingpin” Eres and Henry D’Souza of XLR8 India talked about the innovative sports courts his company has begun building. The idea behind these courts is to encourage both kids and adults to get off the sofa and have fun while playing a team sport indoors. In fact, Henry is calling this concept “Healthertainment” of combining fun with the exercise of playing a fast team sport like cricket, basketball, badminton, hockey or volleyball. Really just about any sport be adapted to play indoors, so the concept has a lot of potential worldwide.

Currently, the courts are being built in India; with additional ones planned for Canada and Africa. People can show up and be put on teams, or come with a group of friends. Also in the planning stage are the opening of facilities at airports so that a bored or delayed traveler can go play a game, shower and then be on their way.

The really exciting aspect of this is that there are competitions and events being organized which will be webcast allowing players to alert their friends and family worldwide to watch them play.

The Kingpin and Henry plan to follow up this show with one where Henry is at one of the courts to give everyone a look at what may very well be the next biggest trend “Healthertainment.”

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