Do You Have a Smart Phone? Here is an Innovative Way to Use It!


Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke today to R.J. Pappas, the creator of “3izs” which is an innovative way to use your Smart phone hands free. The point of “3izs” is to allow the user to shoot video, wear a GPS or simply carry their Smart phone in a safe manner.

To date, it’s applications have included use by teachers, athletes as well as the general public. The pouch still allows the user to answer their phone, or operate the video without taking it out of the pouch, as you’ll see when you’re watching today’s show.

The uses so far have been very creative! In fact, the company has a monthly contest for the most creative use of “3izs” as you’ll learn. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a great idea for it’s use!

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