OCS Young Sports Person Awards


As we all know, there are so many kids who would benefit from some financial assistance in pursuing the sport they’re passionate about. Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke today to Audrey Clark, the Marketing Manager for OCS, a company who has undertaken the funding of sports scholarships. OCS is based in the U.K. and is a private enterprise with a charitable arm. They award scholarships in a wide variety of sports throughout the U.K., Canada and the Far East, where they have operations.

Their philosophy is that sometimes a little can accomplish a lot. OCS has been giving out scholarships since 1998, and has branched out into also providing the platform for professional and Olympic athletes to mentor youth, as well.

Watch today’s show and see how one private company has gone about helping youth. OCS is a good model for other companies who might be considering how they too can help young people in their community.

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