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Professional athletes spend months and years conditioning their bodies so that they can bring peak performance to their game. Joe Wang wanted this for his kids. When his kids got to the age where they wanted to play on teams, he looked around for a facility that would teach them agility, speed and condition them for playing. He found no such organizations. He felt it wasn’t enough to simply teach kids the rules of the game, so he decided to do something about this for kids between 5 & 14.
In a cannot miss show for parents, Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke today to Joe Wang, the founder of South Bay Youth Sports about his four year old organization. South Bay’s approach to getting kids ready to play is a goal supported by many in the professional sports world; with many of it’s coaches drawn from the ranks of professional athletes and coaches.
While South Bay is holding it’s camps and classes in southern California, plans are in place to bring this unique combination of sports training and conditioning to Bejing, China this summer. This endeavor is seen as a way to introduce American sports to China. South Bay training is being embraced not only for it’s recreational benefit to kids, but also as a way to a foster cultural exchange. Sponsors are already involved in the organization, and more will be needed as South Bay continues it’s quest to train our future athletes.

April 6, 2011
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