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Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke today to Mike “Red” Walsh & got an insider’s description of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner and the role “Red” played in the Yankee’s organization; namely that he had that dream job which the character known as George Costanza is most famous for .
Eleven years ago, “Red” took that excellent training & experience with the Yankees and built it into a successful niche of a Sports Event Planning company. In fact, there is no other event planning company like Golden Platter Sports. By using his well established relationships within the MLB, and his friendships with many players and sports executives, Golden Platter delivers corporate events that companies keep coming back to year after year.
So, listen to get the scoop and hear what George Steinbrenner was really like, from a kid right out of college who was lucky enough to work for him. Also, hear about some little known facts surrounding the “Bartman incident” and the Chicago Cubs.

March 16, 2011
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