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Interview with Phil Rizzo-The Baseball Man
This is an interesting conversation with The Baseball man..Phil Rizzo.
Phil has been in baseball for many years, currently he is special adviser to the GM of the Washington Nationals, Mike Rizzo (Phil’s Son)
He is a scout foremost and sheds light on what its like to a scout from years ago compared to today.
Phil is a wealth of knowledge, I hope you find this conversation as interesting and fun as I did.
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April 28, 2013
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2 comments on “Interview with Phil Rizzo-The Baseball Man

  1. Phil Rizzo.
    My Mentor, The Man !
    He taught me how to be a better baseball scout.
    I learned from the best.
    Denny Backis

  2. Phil and I enjoyed several meals together when I came to Chicago to scout.
    We talked a lot of baseball, but never about the players we were scouting since we were with different organizations. Phil was a fine person as well as a good baseball man. Good days and good memories.
    Jack Bloomfield

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