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Do you have a collection of tickets stowed away in a shoe box? Are you a life long dedicated fan of a sports team, whether it be the New York Yankees, Chicago Blackhawks or Auburn Tigers?
If so, this show is for you! Bob “Kingpin” Eres talked to Keith Gentili of “That’s My Ticket” about the products they offer to fans of all major league teams, as well as to fans of the Grateful Dead or Elvis. They begin with authentic tickets they own which date from the 1920’s through today. In addition, the company can use your personal ticket to produce wall art, or other types of displays.
Each piece is blown up and consists of high quality canvas that’s stretch mounted and has all the necessary hardware to hang it in your man cave, office or living room. That’s My Ticket has a massive collection of tickets which continues to grow. Check out the show, see examples and then go to their website.
The most amazing thing is that this high quality product is very reasonably priced; prices start @ $20 for a wall mount ticket that’s been enlarged on canvas to two times it’s original size.

March 24, 2011
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