Sensorize: Avoiding Athletic Injury & Targeting Training Needs


Today, Bob “Kingpin” Eres spoke to Dr. Mounir Zok of Senorize, an Italian company with a one of a kind bio mechanics product and service. Sensorize works with coaches & trainers to gain an understanding of what exactly they need to measure and why. They will then provide the sensor that is worn by the athlete, as well as conduct the analysis.

Sensorize is being used by universities and professional teams for a diverse group of sports; skiing, swimming, rugby and basketball. The purpose is to find out what training needs a particular athlete has and then working to build the athlete up to avoid injury and achieve peak performance. This is done by measuring the level of force a group of muscles are using in an exercise, or in the sport itself. The monitor can also measure things like stroke frequency or speed.

Watch the show to see actual demonstrations of how this works & learn how it can help an athlete in any sport!

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