SoccerClassroom.com: Training for Coaches & Parents

On this morning’s show Bob “Kingpin” Eres talked with Jerry Mcnamera of SoccerClassroom.com about something he’s very passionate about; SoccerClassroom.com. Jerry conceived of the idea using the internet as a way to impart accumulated knowledge of all aspects of the game to both parents and coaches. Jerry does know what he’s talking about too; having 20 years experience in the world of soccer, as well as contact with the leading athletes in the professional world of soccer.

In terms of content, the site is a primer for kids of all ages. It has advice for the technical & tactical aspects of teaching soccer, as well as providing guidance on the psycho-social and fitness needs. There’s also information for the coaches such as a newsletter and the behind the scenes work that coaches do. There is no charge for using SoccerClassroom.com as this is Jerry’s way to connect with people and give back to the sport he loves.

If you have a child just starting soccer and want to know more about the game or if you are a coach, be sure to watch the show and learn more about what SoccerClassroom.com can do for your child and your soccer league.

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