Speak Up for Sport!

Athletes who excel at their sport will have many opportunities to talk about themselves in public. What happens can sometimes make or break their career, as well as affect other earning opportunities for them.

For some athletes, the speaking role doesn’t come easily. There is a professional solution that enables all kinds of athletes to learn how to speak and converse in the various types of situations they’ll encounter; from the simple thank you speech all the way to the addressing of their public through social media.

Karen Smythe of “The Vibrant Edge” has been training athletes through her program called “Speak Up for Sport” for more than six years. Today she spoke to Bob “Kingpin” Eres about how her programs are being used world wide to help athletes become better public speakers, converse with their sponsors, conduct interviews and use social media. There’s on line training modules and a one on one option. The cost is amazingly low considering what the athlete takes away from the training.

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