“Twice The Speed” Athletic Training: Explosive & Amazing !

Bob “Kingpin” Eres was so amazed by what he saw that he kept re-playing the video clips! This all happened during his interview of Jack Cascio of “Twice the Speed.” Jack’s brand of training doesn’t begin or end with improving an athlete’s speed. Instead, he tailors the training to the condition the athlete is already in, their age and their individual sport.

What he has accomplished is beyond belief unless you watch the videos of him. Jack’s “Twice the Speed” training business name, while a major part of his training, doesn’t indicate the phenomenal jump training he’s also been providing to thousands of athletes. Watching one of the video clips you’ll see this 5’10” inch trainer jump nearly his height from a standstill position. His highest jump is 70 inches, and he can dunk like basketball players that are considerably taller than him.

Words alone don’t adequately describe his innovative training programs, but the video clips will give you a glimpse of what he provides to both kids and professional athletes in a broad range of sports. Join athletes from all over the world who have discovered “Twice the Speed” and have benefited from Jack’s one on one training, or his videos.

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