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Bob “Kingpin” Eres today spoke to Mark Armstrong of “Basketball The Remix”. Mark refuses to be identified as the creator of the game because he says this is how basketball was originally played.
In a sentence; Mark has brought back basketball without the backboard, as well as modified some of the playing rules. The end result is a faster paced game that has players really improving their overall skills due to the smaller frame of reference they get without a backboard. It allows players to take their game to a whole new level of skill when combined with the speed they pick up.
You might be thinking that what’s the advantage of this game, besides improving skills?
The answer is the reason why Mark is so passionate about “Basketball The Remix.” Mark conceived of the new rules and losing the backboard as a way to help more young players achieve their dreams of using basketball to get scholarships, or to simply be part of a positive organization. Street basketball is being played all over the world now and Mark sees his trademarked game as a way to bring leagues and the game to more kids than traditional basketball.
Learn more and enjoy Mark’s very cool videos of players!

May 21, 2011

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