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Today, Bob “Kingpin” Eres enjoyed playing the part of an enthusiastic fan when he interviewed Serge de Warrimont of BIGBANG International. Bob wore & played with some of the items that Serge created for companies looking to get their company’s name seen in big ways.
Serge trained as an industrial designer and is now bringing his creative genius to the promotional field; producing items that have been given away in the millions all over the world, in more than 100 countries. Just to give you an idea; some items are very creative, but low cost like his “wave cape” while some are not only low cost, but small, like his variety of powerful horns that fit in the palm of your hand & are worn around your neck with a cord.
Serge has excelled at introducing products that have people curious and eager to try out! Watch today’s show if you have an interest in having BIGBANG International design a product for you, or if you have a great idea for one, but don’t know how to go about marketing it.

June 15, 2011
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