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Today Bob “Kingpin” Eres had the pleasure of speaking with Angela Davis of Jersey Girl Sports. This isn’t about some girls hanging out in New Jersey, either! What is so unique and fun for sports fans is that Jersey Girl Sports is all about sports from the woman’s point of view.
Whether you are a woman who wants to know more about sports so you can speak more knowledgeably when you’re at a sports bar or the mother of an athlete, there is something on the Jersey Girl Sports site that will interest & inform you.
In fact, about one quarter of Jersey Girl Sports fans & followers are guys! The reason is that their interviews with athletes are all about getting to really know the man or woman behind the jersey.
Jersey Girl Sports covers all sports, and will give you that behind the scenes look at the world of sports; so tune in to today’s show & be prepared to become a fan of Jersey Girl Sports!

April 15, 2011

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