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You first thought may be “What do the White Sox have to do with “Black Sox” unless you are a fan of sports history. You may also wonder what does this all have to do with Arizona and someone’s identity!
Watch Bob “Kingpin” Ere’s interview of Pascal Marco today, and hear about a fascinating book he’s written that will appeal to fans of baseball, mystery and politics.
The book is called “Identity: Lost” because it takes an actual murder and fictionalizes the motivations of the killers and the identity of the victim. In the book, the murder victim is the last remaining member of the 1919 White Sox team, which was dubbed the “Black Sox” due to their throwing of a World Series game. To tell you more would be to give too much away. But if you watch the interview, you’ll enjoy the background information Bob and Pascal talk about, and will be sure to want to dig into this newly released book.

May 29, 2011
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