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In today’s economy, many of us are beginning to operate own business; building on our passions, or what we perceive to be a need or interest that meshes with our abilities. Oftentimes, the first step after the initial decision, is the decision about how to get the word out there. Having a high quality website sounds like it might be out of reach for many small businesses. That’s the general perception. The belief is that we either do it ourselves, or buy an off the shelf website from one of the big players out there.
Well, today that belief is put to rest with the information Bob “Kingpin” Eres got from Bill Fischer, CEO of Bill has been the president of a company that has been around for three quarters of a century in the printing industry. Bill started building sites for non-profits he was involved in & also when friends & acquaintances started coming to him for help in building their sites. Many expressed their frustration with the “cookie cutter” products out there and their inability to really get their message across using tired, overused images & graphics. Bill has spent five years developing a product that allows anyone who wants a customized site to build it themselves, in a user friendly six step tutorial process, at a non-custom cost.
Builditz was launched this week on YouTube. Besides being user friendly, a key factor that sets Builditz apart from the other sites already out there; the live person at Builditz that you can talk to! The quality customized site you will have after using Builditz make this a Kingpin show you cannot afford to miss!

April 7, 2011
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